Who Are We?

Antigua Montessori School (A.M.S.) is a bilingual, intercultural Montessori school for children from a Toddler age through Elementary. We are a brother school of Colegio Montessori de Guatemala.

Located in the beautiful area of Antigua Guatemala, the school honors the Montessori Philosophy by promoting an enriching educational environment, where the student becomes independent in his/her own learning process. We are a school committed to establishing the intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical development of the student by following the international principles of Montessori.
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Our staff has been trained and is supervised by certified Montessori professionals graduated from different International Montessori centers.

Montessori Elementary Program

The Montessori Method is an educational approach designed by Dr. Maria Montessori. It views education as an aid to life and it’s based on the natural development of the child. This individualized method, in which the teacher becomes a guide to the child, assists the child in finding his or her independence in learning, fostering active exploration and general curiosity.

Our Montessori elementary classrooms are fundamentally different from traditional elementary school rooms. Our teachers are guides and not lecturers, since they individualize instruction to keep each student optimally challenged. That means that our students accomplish the general United States educational standard for each level and can excel in any area above his/her grade standard. It is not uncommon to view in our Montessori classrooms children working on Mathematics, Language or Science lessons very much above their grade standard.

Since our Montessori classrooms work with individualized instruction, our students are immersed in a mixed aged environment. The lessons are given according to individual capabilities, since we don’t impede the potential of the child because of their grade level. This guarantees that children are always being challenged, regardless of their age. With this, children who are gifted in certain areas excel in our programs. This is also true for children who need extra support, since they will receive the level of instruction that they need to be able to create a solid academic base.

During the Montessori work cycle, lessons happen in small groups of children who are ready for a particular level of academic challenge. Elementary students will receive lessons in Mathematics, Language, Natural Science, History and Geography. After a lesson, each student can work with the material or on project extensions to further his/her exploration into a particular subject. Investigations and published papers on academic topics is something that is constantly happening in our classrooms. Students have access to an array of physical and digital resources to further expand their knowledge of a subject.

Each child also plans his day according to how he would like to accomplish his agenda. Students have choices on what they would like to work first in their day and how they want to meet their set goals during the morning work cycle. That means that our students constantly are developing organization and time management skills to be able to accomplish the lessons, materials and projects they had proposed to finish that day or week. Since our children are constantly engaged in their learning process, they love learning and they are highly motivated to challenge themselves every day.

Our classrooms offer a full set of internationally recognized Montessori materials to be able to offer a highly enriching educational experience. Through the use of true Montessori materials, children are highly motivated to learn since they can profoundly comprehend the concepts that are exposed through free exploration, critical thinking and first hand experimentation.


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